10 Simple Ways to Eat and Live Healthier

10 Simple Ways to Eat and Live Healthier
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In the midst of our very hectic schedules,there is always a tendency to overlook our eating and living patterns.

Here are ten easy tips for eating healthier i found online.

1. Drink more water
So what’s the point of all the water? Your body is mostly water so when you are replenishing it everything is working more smoothly. It also helps to regulate hunger and fight fatigue as it fuels your muscles. Water hydrates your skin, making it look more vibrant and healthy, and aids in flushing out toxins in the body.

2. Then, try add a bit of lemon to your water
Lemons are filled with Vitamin C and potassium and it loosens toxins and aides in digestion. Lemon water helps to keep your skin clear, and they are loaded with antioxidants. The juice of 1/2 a lemon a day is really all you need to benefit from all of its goodness.

3. Walk
Get up and walk! Even just 10 minutes a day of brisk walking is enough to experience the benefits. Sure there are burned calories and all but the boost of energy you get from a brisk walk is a far better choice than a cup of coffee.

4. Fill up on vegetables
Vegetables, vegetables, vegetables. We’ve all heard it before. My tactic is to do my best to fill up 75% of my plate with vegetables then enjoy a smaller portion of the other stuff, like meat,bread and cake! lol

5. Don’t put anything off limits
If you’re like me the moment you put something off limits like cookies, ice cream or bread that’s the moment you can think of nothing else except cookies, ice cream or bread.

Instead, try telling yourself that anything is fair game. When I use this trick, I try to be very mindful and listen to my body. It’s rare that your body is actually telling you that it needs cookies. Instead it often craves the things that feed it well, like greens, fruit, fresh vegetables and hearty proteins.

6. Cook
The more you cook for yourself the more fun you can have experimenting with different vegetables and the more you can limit the excess fats. You get to control what goes into the food and what doesn’t.
Try using spices and fresh herbs to add flavor to your food, without any of the excess salt or additives that come in processed foods. Or, try a free online cooking class — it’s sure to get you inspired in the kitchen.

7. Find the space to move
Who has time for the gym with a busy schedule? But I do keep my exercise mat handy and I’ve made friends with a few YouTube videos that give me a great 10 minute workout.

8. Keep your pantry loaded with good things
If there are chips in the house I will eat them. Around 9 pm when I go scouring through the freezer for ice cream, if I find some I will eat it. We are only human after all! But, if I don’t I’ll make a cup of tea and be satisfied with that. Most of the time. Sometimes, you just have to eat that cookie (see tip #5).
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9. Try new things
Check out the produce section for fruits and vegetables that you’ve not yet had. Bring them home and try them out. Surf the Internet for a new to you recipe and have fun in the kitchen.
Do the same thing with the grains in the bulk section. There is a whole other world out there besides rice. Have you had farro or wheat berries? They have the ability to turn a salad into a meal, I promise. Get excited about the possibilities.

10. Don’t do all of these at once
Look through the list again, find one or two that seem manageable and try those out for a week. After that add another one and keep going from there. If you slip a little, no problem, tomorrow is always another day.

Beating yourself up over the slips only leads to a deeper pit. Celebrate the good days and remind yourself of the fresh start that tomorrow brings. Be kind to yourself.

Posted by Ashley Rodriguez