Simple Cupcake Recipe

Simple Cupcake Recipe
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Are you bored and you want to try out some baking? Why not start with Cupcakes! Here is a simple recipe for you to try out.

115g Butter, softened
180g Flour
1⁄2Tsp salt
2Tsps Baking powder
140g Sugar (You can increase or reduce this quantity)
2 Eggs
1cup milk
1 Tsp Flavouring


Preheat your oven to 375f or 150c; line muffin cups with papers.

Cream Butter and Sugar till light and fluffy.Beat in eggs one at a time. Gently fold in Flour(which has the baking powder and salt already) alternating with milk.Beat well. Add your Flavouring but do not over beat.
Divide evenly among pans and bake for 15- 18 minutes. Allow to cool